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  Introduction: Welcome!

Intro: Welcome & Thank You for Answering the Call

Seriously, You’ve Been Called

Welcome! I am truly excited that you are here. This is a really big deal for you. I know that. And I feel honored to be your guide. Really, I mean that.

I honestly believe that you have been called to do this work. Does that mean, it’s time to drop the career you love to be a full-time psychic? Absolutely not. All of the lessons and experiences we’re going to cover together is going to augment what you’re already doing in the world or what you truly want to be doing.

I believe you’ve been called, because I believe you are a light worker. What’s a light worker? Well, where this is light there is darkness. And there is a lot of darkness in the world. So God sent a bunch of us out in the world at the same time to start turning things around on this planet. We will each do it in our own way. Some of us will do it as moms, teachers, dancers, creatives, doctors, and so on.

But make no mistake. You are a soldier of the light. And this why you are here. I’m serious when I say, we’ve been waiting for you. All the forces of good have brought you here. Because until now, you’ve had this magical wand, and you’ve been waving it around with no direction. Somewhere inside of you, you’ve known that you’re made for something greater. And that is true. So of course, you’ve been gifted the tools to do those great things, but you fist have to learn how to use the tools. I am going to teach you how to use them.

Many of you have had your own experiences with the spirit world before. Maybe as children? Some of you have been drawn to the spiritual, or to the healing arts. But this world, unfortunately, doesn’t always support us in those quests, so you’ve probably never been able to pursue it without feeling alone or crazy.

Well, you are not alone. There are so many of you out there. And many of you are in our Soul Seeker Facebook group. If you haven’t joined, please do.

During this course, you’re going to feel validated in your desires that were previously silenced. You may be angry at those who silenced you, but please stay within the light. And remember why you are here.

A Little Bit About Me

If this is your first time working with me, thank you again for choosing me to be your teacher. My name is Nikki Novo. I’m a medium, healer, and spiritual mentor. Like you, my path was not a straight shoot. I first memory of being called to serve the light was actually in third grade. My family had moved from New Jersey to Florida, and I was attending a Catholic school for the first time. I remember being in religion class when the teacher started to explain how priests and nuns were called into service.

According to my teacher, normal men and women would rest their heads on their pillows at night just like every other night. Yet on this one particular night, a giant life-size angel would come to their bedside, gently wake them up and announce to them that God is calling them to serve as priests and nuns.

As if being woken up by a big person with wings in the middle of the night wasn’t scary enough to a third-grader, our teacher began to explain that these people of service were not allowed to have husbands, wives, children, or possessions of their own. Those restrictions were totally okay, because being called to serve as a priest or nun was a big deal. God, himself, was laying out your life’s path.

Naturally, for about a week after this life-shifting lesson, I could not sleep out of fear of being called to become a nun. And let’s not forget about the huge angel that shows up in your bedroom, in the dark. This sounds a lot like the monster-under-my-bed concept, I thought.

At a very young age, somehow I understood that callings were a real thing. No one else in my class had trouble sleeping (which left me wondering if these kids had a pulse), but for me this lesson was a bookmark in my life. What I took from this lesson was that God had a purpose for us and that he would let us know what it was when the time was right. Ideally that time would not be during bedtime, not in the dark, and not with any fury monsters, but overall the concept sounded really exciting to me.

Of course, I couldn’t make sense of that calling for a really long time. I did what most kids do. I began to check off everything on that adult happiness list. The one that tells you to go to college, find a career that’s going to pay well, score a partner, and so on.

I started my career in L. A. working in the publicity department of two big film studios. I then came back to Miami and started a career as a writer, where I was fortunate enough to work for really big names, and then I also started a blog. I had this boyfriend at the time who told me I was really great and that I should start a blog. I believe him, so I started the blog. Two weeks later he dumped me, and I was left with the blog.

So I did what any normal person would do, I started to go on a ton of dates and write about them in hopes that the ex would miss me so much and want me back. Well, that never happened, but through the process of dating and heartbreak I was forced into a spiritual awakening.

During this time, I met an angel reader who would later become a big part of my development. I also became really interested in energy and our minds, so I became certified in hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing, and Reiki.

I eventually started practicing what I had learned and that’s when all the weird shit started happening. Angels, spirit guides, dead people, energy, you name it, it all started showing up. I don’t see. That would be clairvoyant. When I started to develop my gifts, I always asked not to see, because I know that would freak me out. I hear and feel, which would make me clairaudient and clairsensitive. And I would be described as a medium and intuitive, because my particular gift has to do with translating from other realms — which you’ll learn about soon. And intuitive because I’m able to grab information from a situation without having too much background.

What started off just as curiosity is now my life’s work. And now I understand that incident I had in the third grade. My particular way in doing God’s work is by guiding those of you who are being called to develop your gifts. You are going to heal the world, and I’m just here to guide you along the way.

A Few Tips

  • Using Your Imagination is Correct
  • Question Your Norms
  • You Don’t Have to be a Purist
  • Trust Your Own Intuition Above All Else


Before we get started, I’d like to ask you to watch the videos in order, please. Each lesson builds on each other, and if you go out of order, you can hurt yourself or someone that you’re practicing on.

Also, I created this course to be more experienced-based. Meaning, I will, of course, be lecturing but my intention is that you experience your won magic. So, I’ve created several exercises and meditations that I highly suggest you participate in. Once you start practicing you will have questions. You’ll be able to ask those questions on the Facebook group, Soul Seeker. Practicing and asking questions is really the best way for you to develop. Also having people you can talk to about this is really important. Again, that is what the Facebook group is for. You are alone in this.

So, without further ado, let’s get started, my little wizards.