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  Introduction: This is How We Change Your Love Life


My friend, you are here. Let me just applaud you for that. Most people will not do this. Most people will complain, stay in denial, or just give up. You have decided not to do that. And that’s a big deal. This is the first step to getting back on your true path — the path where you live life with a loving partner. 

In this video, I’m going to explain to you what you can expect from the course and this process. Also, I’ll share tips on how to consume the content to receive the best results.

The Course Breakdown

I designed the course off of the formula I’ve been using with my clients for the last ten years. There are three phases in this process:

1.Create Space

In order to call in love, we have to first have to make space for it. For this reason, the first few modules are about digging into our limiting beliefs and working on forgiveness. 

It can be dirty work, but you’ll feel so much better after you go through it. You’ll feel more empowered. It’s kind of like when we don’t want to face our finances, so we just don’t look at our bank account. But after we do the dirty work of looking at what we spend and how much we make, we finally start to feel a little more in control. That’s what the creating space phase is like. 

2. Get Clear

Phase two is about getting clear on what you want and learning to attract that. We’ll do fun things like looking at how we want to feel, we’ll change our mindset, and we’ll work on developing our intuition so we know what to do in every situation.

3. Date

The third phase is obvious, but it’s usually the most dreaded: dating! Just know that dating will be very different this time around because of all the work you did upfront. Dating is part of this process because this is where we lock in the change. 

Phase One is seeing what needs to change. Phase Two is coming up with a plan. And Phase Three is implementing the plan — actually making the changes. 

How to Use the Course

I designed the course in chronological order, so please go through the modules in order. If you try to skip ahead to the dating section, it will not work well for you if you didn’t do the previous work. This is a formula, so if you don’t do it in order, it just not going to be as effective. 

Take whatever time you need. You may want to binge watch. You may want to do one video a week. You may do one video and not do another for a month. That’s okay. Just promise yourself you will complete the process fully.

Also, like anything in life, you will get out of this whatever you put in. Do the work, my friend. Watch the full videos. Do the worksheets. Do the exercises. Take this work seriously. You paid for this. You’re spending your precious time. You deserve to get the most out of this, so allow yourself that gift.

And if you have any questions about the content or need support, please email

Let’s Set an Intention

Before we get into the work, let’s set an intention for you and all the other amazing women doing this work alongside you. An intention is when we grab all our energy and direct towards a focus point. Most days, we’re our energy is going all over the place, wherever it decides to go. 

But today we want to focus it. So please close your eyes with me and feel all the energy you have around your body. 

Today, we set the intention to do this work: that we put effort into ourselves so we can have the love we know we deserve. Every time we open this course, we ask that our heart be open, that our body support us, that our minds be alert, and that we tap into the courage within ourselves.

We are thankful for this moment. We are thankful for our intuition for bringing us here. We are thankful to ourselves for paying attention to our truest desires.

You can open your eyes when you’re ready.

Ok, you’re ready. Let’s do this.